MidWay is ForMidtown’s hope-driven youth mentorship for middle and high school students empowering teens to improve their lives through guidance and holistic development. MidWay offers a structured, safe environment where students benefit from making friends, being tutored, playing sports and receiving late afternoon meals from Café 150. It provides a safe haven for our students.


We plan to ensure all MidWay’s students who have encountered trauma in their lives are offered opportunities for professional counseling. Students are being trained in the dynamics of positive relationships so they better understand what healthy relationships look like if they do not have those modeled elsewhere.

We are expanding this program to include community guest speakers to share their experiences related to leadership, vocational and spiritual knowledge.  Our curriculum will offer financial literacy training so students can create a financial budget and learn the discipline to stick to it. We will highlight viable job opportunities so our students can find sustainable jobs futures. Currently, MidWay offers our after-school program on Wednesdays with plans in early 2024 to expand it to additional weekdays as we grow our volunteers base and our financial resources.