We believe

There are three critical ingredients in
community transformation


Real community transformation starts by removing the heart issues in its citizens that will prevent true change from taking root.


Real community transformation is fueled by significant social impact resulting from the physical needs of the community being met.


Real community transformation only happens through economic renewal of the institutions for education, and employment; resulting in safer places to work and play, and increased goods and services.


ForMidtown is a catalyst to serve people living in and around Midtown Mobile by helping them create the capability to meet their social, economic, and spiritual needs resulting in Real Community Transformation.

ForMidtown was spawned from the incredible community work being done through 3Circle Church of the Gulf Coast of Alabama. At both 3Circle Church and ForMidtown, we believe that to truly transform a community three critical components must be in place.


First, a spiritual foundation must be in place for long-lasting change. Spiritual transformation addresses the heart, and it is only through a changed heart that issues such as racism and a sense of hopelessness can be eliminated in a community. 3Circle Church is a safe haven in Midtown Mobile for all classes, all races, and all people! 3Cirlce specializes in “heart change.”


Secondly, we believe that the social and material needs of a community must be met. We hope to accomplish this in a way that creates capability in the community rather than dependance on ForMidtown. Through our varied programs we feed, care for our community, and provide leadership opportunities for the next generation. ForMidtown feeds the community through Café 150 on a weekly basis. Through our MidWay Student Center, we provide mentorship, life skills training, vocational training, sports programing, and trauma care in a safe and fun environment.


Finally, a community must be thriving economically to sustain itself. Thriving Schools, businesses, parks are all part of healthy community. These institutions provide employment, education, and tax revenue, as well as safe places to play and work. ForMidtown, along with our community partners, is helping to resurrect “rundown” abandoned properties as well as encouraging new investment in Midtown Mobile. This has resulted in new jobs, increased tax revenue and safe places for people to gather. ForMidtown strives to be a beacon of light in Midtown Mobile. We are striving to create a better place to live and work, and we’re proud to be serving here.


We are present

We live in and around Midtown, we do not just “reach out” to the community.

We are viable

We are focused on self-sustainability of our community for the future.

We are organic

We listen to the people in our community to better understand their real needs, not just assume we know their needs.

We are holistic

We leverage multiple programs and community partnerships for maximum collective impact in the community!

We are catalyst

We focus on propelling self-reliant individuals and families in this community toward success.