ForMidtown is a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the goal of creating and sustaining positive community changes for the people living in Midtown Mobile, Alabama. We seek to help meet the spiritual, social and economic needs of Midtown Mobile and serve as  a catalyst for collaboration among community, social and government services for the betterment of this diverse area, one of the most multiethnic, multiclass and multigenerational demographics in the state.


Our Staff

Micah Gaston

Executive Director

Justin Walker

MidWay Student Mentorship Director

Our Board

David Gardner

Retired Executive, ExxonMobil, Public Affairs

Micah Gaston

Executive Director

Todd Greer

Executive Director, Innovation Portal

Fred Riley

Retired, Athletic Administration, Coach

Shonnda Smith Deputy Executive Director of Public Works, City of Mobile

Shonnda Smith

Deputy Executive Director of Public Works, City of Mobile

Blake Stanley

Executive Pastor, 3Circle Church, Fairhope


128 Project

Drug Education Council

Franklin Primary Health Center Inc.

Housing First, Inc.

Mobile Parks And Recreation

Mobile Police Department

Victory Health Partners

Women’s Resource Center (“WRC”)

 Partnering with ForMidtown means teaming up with us through services and referrals. We value the expertise of others and treasure the spirit and power of collaboration. Together we can make positive contributions to the people of Midtown Mobile.